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Outdoor Winter Survival Clothing in Hampton, Virginia

Skiing, Winter Survival Clothing in Hampton, VA

Solar Heated Clothing

Kea & Associates holds the key to the future of winter survival clothing. Discover how our solar heated clothing designs are the next wave of technology to help people in extreme circumstances outlast the elements.

As the inventors of these solar heated garments, we hold the patents to their creation. Currently, we’re targeting companies and manufacturers to work with us in developing a marketable line of solar heated clothing.

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About Us

Keep warm no matter the conditions with solar heated clothing from Kea & Associates in Hampton, Virginia. Currently seeking manufacturers for our garments, we are willing to assist anyone who is in the business of making these products. With 15 years of experience in the industry, we have the patents and expertise to move this business forward.

The Origin of Solar Clothing

During the Bosnian Conflict, batteries for heaters would often die in remote isolated areas. With no power in this cold weather environment, conditions were excruciating. Kea & Associates created solar-powered clothing to avoid this problem. By harnessing the sun to provide heat and power radios and blankets, these products offer hope to those who are in danger.

Advanced Energy

Our product is more advanced than those offered by other manufacturers, and we hold a patent for our idea. Our team is willing to work with others to assist in getting these products on the market in a full retail capacity.